Prestigious award for caring project

A local authority partnership team which aims to improve the lives of older people has won a prestigious national award in the Health and Social Care Integration category at the Herald Society Awards, as detailed here by motherwellTIMES.

The Psychology Project has seen frontline health and social care staff trained in basic psychology techniques by a small team of NHS Lanarkshire psychologists. Staff then use the skills to improve lives of older people.

What can we learn from this team, are there links that we can develop and strengthen in Dudley?

Joined-up care: Sam’s story

The jargon of ‘integrated care’ is much-used in health policy and management circles. But why does ‘integrated care’ matter? And what will it mean for patients? This short animation aims to bring integrated care to life for anyone involved in improving patient care. If those working towards integrated care can share this vision with others in their local health and care system, then there is a real chance they can make integrated care happen.

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