Ivan struggling with loneliness and isolation


Ivan is 68 and lived alone in a three bedroom house after the death of his wife in 2014. He has two daughters and one son. Since his wife was nursed to her passing at home his daughters found it very hard to visit the family home. One daughter was the only member to visit and provided him with all his informal care. He has lived with a condition that affects his mobility for over 20 years and has recently received knee surgery. He is a long term sufferer with stress, anxiety and depression which has been exacerbated by his wife’s death and the death of his son in 1992.

Ivan’s GP made a referral to Integrated Plus via a Multi-disciplinary Team meeting to support with his stress, anxiety and depression. Upon assessment it became apparent that much of his stress, anxiety and depression was due to his housing situation, as well as his issues around bereavement. He previously requested to be moved to an Extra Care housing scheme but his application was denied. He was given the impression that someone would be in touch with him to discuss options, but he heard nothing. Over the coming weeks and months he fell deeper into depression. After an attempted burglary he did not feel safe in his own home and was also having regular falls. As he was unable to get upstairs he was sleeping in an armchair in the living room. His anxiety was growing as his only visiting daughter was scheduled to receive a major operation in the north and would be unable to support him for many weeks. Furthermore the assessment identified that he had an interest in improving his IT skills, and getting out and about socially.

The link officer liaised with Adult Social Care and arranged for another assessment to be completed; taking into account his more recent mobility issues since his knee surgery and his daughters scheduled operation. The link officer sat with him during this assessment and supported him to provide all the information required to provide a full assessment of his needs.

The link officer also escorted him to Age UK’s Springboard Project at Merry Hill Waterfront and encouraged him to access support at The White House; recommending the services available to him there. Finally the link officer placed a referral to Living Well, Feeling Safe to improve the security on his home.

Ivan attended The White House for support and had a number of security improvements on his home to make him feel safe until he moved. These included a security light at the rear of the property, a key safe, and an intercom system.

Ivan’s assessment was taken back to the Housing Association panel and he was been allocated an apartment in a new Extra Care Housing Scheme in Cradley Heath. He is loving his new accommodation and has made quite a few friends with the other residents. In being part of the first wave of occupants he is involved in forming the residents committee and calls the bingo each session. He also enjoys eating his breakfast each morning in the canteen as pictured.

“I feel safer now, really secure. The (Integrated Plus) service is fantastic – although my GP had tried to help I was getting nowhere. They are someone to turn to when you feel you have no one and I can’t thank Terry enough. Since he came on the scene it’s all gone one way, and that’s up. He made me aware of places I didn’t even know existed and I dread to think what my situation would be if he hadn’t helped me. If I can give a mark to represent his support it would be 10 out of 10, he has given me a lot of backing. I’m really chuffed”. (Mr Ivan Carter)


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