Happy 1st birthday to Vanguards

New blog post from fabnhsstuff.net

Happy 1st Birthday Vanguards – Best wishes for the next 365 stellar days

From today, March 11th, until March 17th the 50 Vanguards are celebrating their 1st birthday!

The birthday celebrations are largely digital so keep a look out for a blog and a short look back video from Sam Jones, programme director and a series of blogs from the vanguards themselves.

You can check out the hashtags #vanguards365 and #futureNHS so you can see what they are doing and how they are celebrating.

The Blonde will be keeping a close eye on the celebrations, eating cake and revisiting all the fabulous Vanguard shares which you can find here – handily all in one place for you! http://bit.ly/1VlVon8


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