Barbara helped to stay in her own home

Barbara was referred to Integrated Plus by her GP at Lion Health.  She had some household issues she wanted to resolve and suffering with depression.  When Barbara met Georgia, the Locality Link Officer for Stourbridge, Wollescote and Lye, she went into more detail as to how she was feeling.  Barbara said she was upset and depressed because there was some uncertainty about her having to move from her property due to access and safety issues.  One of the main issues was Barbara did not have a cooker and her social worker identified that her current set up in her kitchen was a safety risk.  Georgia discussed this with Barbara and her social worker and said we could support her with applying for a Grant for a cooker which would make her property safer and more accessible.  Barbara also said she would like support with her garden which had become overgrown and unmanageable.   

Barbara has osteoporosis, brittle bones, dry macular degeneration and glaucoma.  She is also a wheelchair user and has volunteered at Beacon Centre for many years.  Barbara is a real inspiration to everybody she meets and is always willing to help others, she travels to the Beacon Centre every day on her mobility scooter come rain or shine.  She volunteers with craft groups and is always there to welcome members and volunteers.  Georgia tasked Gary, the Link Support Worker to make contact with Barbara to look at possible grants for a cooker.  Gary discussed this with Barbara and it became apparent that she would need a cable fitted as well as an electric cooker.  He applied for a grant from The Reginald Unwin Charity and this was successful but only for the amount of a cooker and not for the cable and fitting.  Barbara could not afford to pay for the rest so Gary then applied to Badley Memorial Trust who work closely with Geoff Hill in Amblecote and they agreed to fund the electric cable and fitting.

Gary met Barbara a couple of weeks later to do a review and said she was delighted with her new cooker, she said: “The cooker has made a big difference to my life, I haven’t had a cooker for nine years, I use it regularly to cook healthy food.” 

This has also enabled her to stay at her property alleviating the stress of a potential move from the home she loves.  Barbara also mentioned to Gary when they first met that she would like support with her garden which had become overgrown and difficult to manage.  Unfortunately, this was difficult to accomplish due to the lockdown, however Barbara was able to get support with this from her circle of friends and other volunteers at Beacon Centre and they have supported her to regularly tend to and maintain her garden.  The Beacon Centre opens again soon and Barbara is eagerly awaiting to be reunited with her friends and fellow volunteers.  

Barbara with her new cooker

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