Dee supported through bereavement and reconnects with old friends

Dee was referred to Integrated Plus, due to experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. She had also experienced the recent bereavements of her son and husband, who both passed away within 6 weeks of each other. Soon after these bereavements, the UK went into a national lockdown, further exacerbating Dee’s feelings of isolation.

When the Link Officer first made contact with Dee, it was the first opportunity Dee had to freely express how she was feeling and how difficult things had been for her. Dee stated that she had received one counselling session arranged through the GP, but these had stopped suddenly when the national lock down took place, and Dee had not spoken to anyone else since about what had happened in her life and how it was impacting her.

The Link Officer identified that some bereavement counselling could possibly support Dee to explore her emotions and hopefully, in turn, find some peace. Dee was referred to Arts of Change, who provide therapeutic counselling to support individuals to deal with a wide range of issues and life experiences. Dee was initially reluctant to engage with Arts of Change due to being let down by other services in the past, but after some encouragement from the Link Officer, Dee agreed she would give it a go. Due to Dee’s vulnerabilities at this time, the Link Officer agreed to bi-weekly calls for a short period of time to support Dee to feel less isolated, until she found her feet with the counselling.

The Link Officer then asked a Link Support Worker to call Dee to check how she was getting on. At this point, Dee had been engaging with sessions from Arts of Change. Dee reported that she felt uplifted after one of these sessions, so decided to go on the bus and into Dudley Town Centre, where she happened to meet some old friends on the journey. This small, but significant, outing seemed to breathe a breath of fresh air into Dee.

During another call to Dee, she reported that she had been struggling with the nights and feeling lonely. The Link Support Worker reassured Dee and provided her with the number for Silver Line, who she could contact any time of the day or night if she was feeling low and wanted to talk.

Dee mentioned in a later call that she had started going to Dudley Town Centre twice weekly and had been going shopping with her cousin on a weekly basis. Dee also reported that she had connected with a neighbour, with whom she was meeting for walks and general catch ups.   

At this point, the Link Officer discussed ongoing support with Dee, and Dee said that she felt things were going a lot better than they had and she was moving forward.

Dee said “I was so grateful when Integrated Plus started calling me. I looked forward to their regular calls each week, as I was in such a dark place. I am more than thankful for the support they have given to me”

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