Emma helped out of poverty in order to focus on improving mental health

Emma was referred to the Integrated Plus service by her mental health nurse who had indicated that Emma had a long-standing history of poor mental health. An appointment was arranged for the Link Officer to meet with Emma and her husband Patrick, at their home.

During the assessment Emma shared that she had suffered many traumas and losses during both childhood and adulthood. Emma has since received a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder, anxiety and low mood and was awaiting further support.

It was also identified that Emma and Patrick were really struggling financially. Emma was unable to work due to her mental health and very rarely left the house. She did not feel able to mix with other people. Patrick was her full-time carer and only source of support.

Emma revealed that their bed was broken and they dragged an old mattress into the lounge to sleep on at night. They could not afford to put the heating on, the piece of carpet they had in the living area was frayed and worn and there was no carpet in the bedroom. The fridge/freezer was broken and only worked intermittently leaving food spoiled and inedible. Emma needed support to apply for Personal Independence Payment to help support her daily living costs.

The Link Officer and Link Support Worker acted quickly and arranged for a new bed and mattress to be delivered by Loaves and Fishes with help from Leslie’s Care Packages who covered the cost of delivery. They were successful in securing grants for new carpets and a fridge freezer from The Badley Memorial Trust and Reginald Unwin Dudley Charity. Vouchers were provided for clothing and bedding from Helping Hands and for food from Black Country Foodbank. Emma was helped to complete her application for Personal Independence Payment. Ongoing support was provided to Emma via telephone.

Emma’s application for the Personal Independence Payment was successful and she was awarded high rate daily living and mobility. This has relieved Emma of so much worry and has alleviated the pressures of living in a poverty stricken environment. Emma spends the majority of her time in her home and being able to make their living environment more comfortable, and have a few nice things, has helped Emma with her mental health. Emma is now able to focus on getting the treatment she needs to improve her mental health.

Emma said: “My mental health nurse referred me to Integrated Plus. The Integrated Plus Link Officer, Jason, got in touch really quickly to offer us the support which we desperately needed. So many things were sorted out straight away eg carpets, fridge freezer, bed and food parcels also vouchers for clothes bedding etc. The support shown has been excellent very much appreciated, also throughout the coronavirus. We cannot praise enough for these workers. Without them I think our lives would still be a struggle it has been eased greatly thank you Jill & Jason x It’s nice to have someone – not just for items but for advice and to talk to. Thank you”

Emma’s living room now

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