Client X supported to unlock artistic talent and reduce hospital admissions

Client X was highlighted as a potential person that we could support, within the last 12 months he had been admitted to hospital on 19 separate occasions. During the Covid-19 pandemic I made contact with him over the telephone, built up a rapport and carried out a holistic assessment.

Client X is an older male and he had become extremely lonely since his wife had been taken into a care home. He lives in supported housing but due to Covid-19 all the activities had stopped.

I identified that Client X was really struggling with loneliness and this was not helping his long-term health issues, this resulted in his admissions to hospital increasing. I needed to look into how social prescribing and the HIU service could help alleviate the pressure on the hospital, especially during the pandemic but most importantly help and improve the health and wellbeing of Client X.

During our many telephone conversations, Client X told me that he is artistic and loved painting but could not afford to buy supplies. I was able to allocate Client X a personal health budget in order to purchase some art materials such as paints, canvas’s etc.

I’m pleased to say that over the last few months this has given Client X a sense of purpose, he now paints pictures and gives them away to his carers and to other residents, improving his social life. His hospital admissions have dramatically reduced.

I feel that something as simple as being able to allocate client X a personal health budget has made a huge different to his mental and physical wellbeing and he no longer has a need to go to hospital.

Here is a photograph of a recent painting that Client X sent to me:

Kelly Rea – HIU Link Worker

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