Client D says support provided by Integrated Plus has “changed her life”

D was referred to Integrated Plus in October 2020, due to feeling low in mood and anxious. The Senior Social Prescriber contacted D to explore things more and after talking for nearly 2 hours, there were many things identified for Integrated Plus to offer support with.

D is a nurse and lives with her young daughter. One of the things impacting D’s wellbeing was the impact of her physical health. D had various health conditions that made mobilising difficult at times. Integrated Plus liaised with Adult Social Care to put aids and adaptations in place for D, which made entering and leaving her property much easier. D also struggled due to high energy costs, as she needed to keep her heating on to help with her physical health. The Senior Social Prescriber worked with Winter Warmth to support D to reduce her energy costs and apply for energy discounts.

D disclosed that she had been through a lot of trauma when she was younger. Integrated Plus referred D for therapy through primary care. As the waiting list for therapy is quite long, Integrated Plus worked with Arts of Change to start therapy for D, so that she was not left without any psychological support whilst waiting for therapy through primary care to start. When primary care got to D, there was a seamless transition from one therapy provider to another.

Integrated Plus also supported D to access weight loss information, advice and support to make healthy lifestyle changes, which has helped D to manage her condition.

D reported that she found the initial conversation with Integrated Plus ‘really helpful and lifechanging’. D said that the support put in place for her by Integrated Plus had ‘changed her life’ and D knows she can come back to Integrated Plus in the future for more support if ever needed.

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