Creative Arts therapy sessions help SC to better manage mental health

SC was identified from the High Intensity User (HIU) list due to being a frequent user of West Midlands Ambulance, West Midlands Police and A&E department. SC was very dependent on emergency services and was being admitted to hospital via ambulance every week due to poor mental health.

SC has a mental health diagnosis and struggles with her day-to-day activities. This puts a strain on her relationship with her family and friends.

I befriended SC and we formed a good therapeutic relationship, she explained how she was struggling, and I was able to offer her a range of groups to attend at Arts of Change (AOC) in Dudley. The Creative Orchid Project (AOC) consists of a series of creative arts therapy sessions which cover topics as body image, anxiety, self-esteem, depression and anger.

SC began to attend the groups, at first, she struggled in a group setting and at one point felt she may not be able to carry on. However, through her determination and persistence, she continued and completed the first group. SC has expressed how much she now enjoys the groups and as each group has finished, she has decided to attend the next one to continue to build her confidence and learn to better manage her emotions and feelings.

SC feels she can be open at AOC and has expressed how she feels comfortable around the session facilitators and the other participants, SC feels she has developed new friendships and a result of attending.

SC is now on her sixth course and is engaging well, she attends each week on time and participates fully in each session. She is looking forward to the future and intends to apply the skills she has learnt to her daily life.

“The groups are amazing and it’s helped me a lot”

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