Maggie and Rose’s Story

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (ICCG) engaged with local people to develop their integrated care model, and then worked with The Young Foundation to explain and bring to life the changes that are being implemented.

The first output is We Care Together – Maggie and Rose’s Story. The animation aims to explain the changes and support frontline workers in explaining the benefits of the changes to local people.

Good communication is essential to successful integration of health and social care

A recent article from the Guardian explores the importance of embedding solid, face to face ‘real’ communication in order that the integration of Health and Social Care thrives; “It is not enough, for instance, just to issue emails to staff. In this age of mass digital communication, staff can become desensitised to a constant bombardment of information. For communication to succeed, there needs to be reinforcement through conferences, workshops, staff meetings and supervision.” The article goes on to explore practical steps that can be taken, the role of a ‘communication champion’ in terms of both disseminating and feeding back on strengths and weaknesses and most importantly; discusses the way in which we as service providers can, and should be engaging with those who use the service, their families and indeed the public at large.

Taking this into consideration, we at Integrated Plus have been running events whereby those concerned are able to access current information directly. The team have been successful in organising events with Dudley Adult Social Care, Health Services and the Voluntary Community Sector; looking at how we can support areas including hospital discharge for example, and also how we can work together in order to bridge gaps, thus providing better all-round services.

Integrated Plus have also liaised directly with the local authority to look into partnership building in order to enable better support for older, more vulnerable groups within Dudley. It would seem therefore, and in taking the article on board, that already, much is happening within Dudley in order to get this model of working implemented. Going forward, we need to embrace the future landscape and continue to ensure that communications are palpable, whether this be through Cross Organisation Staff Meeting attendance or through supervision within partner organisations (to name but a few.)

We very much look forward to the new guide, as mentioned in the article, which will soon be published by the consortium whom are delivering the Better Care Fund Support Programme.


Dudley’s Big Balloon Release!

Balloon release

Last Saturday my wife and I came over to Dudley (as Monday to Friday just isn’t enough for me!) to attend an event organised by Hope Not Hate, celebrating multi-cultural diversity in Dudley. There were many groups in attendance including; Dudley Borough Interfaith Network and St Thomas’s Community Network to name but a few.

The event was held at St John’s Parish Church Hall on Kates Hill and organised to promote community cohesion, as the English Defence League plan to march in the town next weekend. The event was a huge success and people from different backgrounds relished the free food, music and family activities available. The end of the event saw a mass balloon release, where words of hope and positivity were scribed upon cards attached to each balloon.

It was a truly joyous event and I must say the curry was delicious – and not the only reason we travelled over from Walsall!


Integration -The Movie is released.

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group’s Community Engagement Team have produced Integration -The Movie

Work is now underway to develop an integrated service across health and social care services in Dudley to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place. This video aims to explain how this new model works, and what it means to practitioners and the residents of Dudley.

The Feet on the Street team are quite partial to getting out and about and talking to locals and getting a ‘real feel’ of peoples’ views on healthcare and wellbeing. They pop up with a video camera in different areas – why not follow them on twitter @dudleyccg or @helenofdudley and find out if they will be in your area soon!

Alternatively you can check out their website and find out how else you can get involved.

CABINET office minister Francis Maude found out more about a pilot project to address local health needs during his whistle-stop tour of the Black Country

Top Tory Minister visits Brierley Hill. CABINET office minister Francis Maude found out more about a pilot project to address local health needs during his whistle-stop tour of the Black Country. Mr Maude met with Dudley CVS/ Integrated Plus staff, members of Dudley CCG and Mark Ellerby from PSIAMS – writes Stourbridge News.

Prestigious award for caring project

A local authority partnership team which aims to improve the lives of older people has won a prestigious national award in the Health and Social Care Integration category at the Herald Society Awards, as detailed here by motherwellTIMES.

The Psychology Project has seen frontline health and social care staff trained in basic psychology techniques by a small team of NHS Lanarkshire psychologists. Staff then use the skills to improve lives of older people.

What can we learn from this team, are there links that we can develop and strengthen in Dudley?